Direct carriage of import-export cargoes by our multimodal “river-sea” ships is an efficient, reliable and thrifty method of delivery.

We perform carriage by dry-cargo ships of the "Omskiy" and "Volgo-Balt" type. These vessels may be used both on inland waterways and in the high seas. Thanks to their small size and low draft, they are able to call at the majority of ports. To protect a cargoes from water and to ensure their safe delivery, the ships are designed with a double bottom and double sides.

Vast boxed holds without girders and stanchions ensure unrestrained in-hold cargo handling operations and the carriage of bulk and generals cargoes, including outsized and heavy equipment. Shifting boards are no longer required for grain delivery. Cargo holds opening for 85 % of the total deck area is another important feature of a “river-sea” ships architecture. It ensures a massive use of cargo-handling equipment, and cuts down considerably the loading/discharging time.
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