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The Company was established on the 7 April, 1991. The Company’s fleet now consist of 9 vessels with modern navigational equipment under Russian flag.

The Head office of our company is located in Moscow. Furthermore, our representative officers were established in major Russian ports – Marship-Yug in Rostov-on-Don and Marship-Kuban in Yeisk.

Direct carriage of import-export cargoes by our ships in multimodal “river-sea” mode is an efficient, reliable and thrifty method of delivery.

Our personnel:

Victor BatinGeneral Director
Alexey TsutskovChief Executive (Chartering)
Galina ZhukHead of Chartering Department
Evgeniy BatinDeputy General Director (ISPS,MLC,Insurance)
Valeriy Nedoseykin Deputy General Director.Designated person
Andrey SemenovChief Engineer
Elena ZhegulinaEngineer of Chartering Department
Vyacheslav ChirkovTechnical Manager
Sverchkov AleksandrTechnical Manager
Denis BereznikovCrewing Manager
Irina PaninaChief Accountant
Natalya SytinaEconomist
Yana GordynovaSecretary Adviser
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